June 16th @ 11:30am CENTRAL TIME

For over a decade, sales trainer, Tom Martin, has built his business by virtually nurturing relationships to create trust with prospects by creating conversations that he can convert to clients -- often while never meeting those prospects in person.

His Sell Greatly philosophy combined with a keen understanding of how to leverage digital channels to connect with sales prospects, allows him to repeatedly fill his sales pipeline with new leads, engage those leads using digital communications channels and ultimately, convert those leads to new clients for Converse Digital.

In this fast-paced, 90-minute workshop, Tom will share a decade of learnings (and failures) so that you too can consistently, and effectively build relationships with your sales prospects that ultimately turn them into new customers -- even when you can't always physically meet them in person and shake their hand.

Key Learnings You'll Leave With

  • How to effectively cold call on social media platforms without getting blocked
  • How to use personalized content to gain permission to nurture a sales prospect via email
  • How to Nurture Prospects @ Scale in less than an hour a day
  • How to build rapport and trust on virtual sales calls
  • Why your current sales presentation PowerPoint is hurting your virtual sales efforts
  • How to build your virtual sales presentation PowerPoint
  • How to effectively manage a video sales call to maximize your ability keep sales prospects engaged, create rapport and build trust

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